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Savannah 2014

Part of the reason I’ve been so quiet these last few weeks is due to a trip I took down to Georgia at the end of February. Much of February was spent getting back to work at my new job, … Continue reading

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The building my office is in doesn’t have a free parking lot. Instead we often end up having to use the lot for the Catholic church next door. From the back door, it’s about a five to seven minute walk, … Continue reading

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Cosmology and Concepts of the Divine

When I first hit the C’s during my pre-PBP brainstorming session, I originally meant to write on Creation Myths the second week; however, upon hitting last Friday, I felt that I needed more time and a bigger scope to write … Continue reading

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The Call of Night

I spent my day in darkness. Waking with an intense migraine and sinus pressure, I spent most of the day sleeping. Now, as night has fallen and I listen to my partner, my lover breathing deeply as he sleeps, I … Continue reading

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Quiet in Your Absence

In my last entry, I mentioned that I have not felt the presence of my gods for the last several weeks. That remains true today and I have spent much of the last week thinking on that. Am I sad … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Dark Queen

Sometimes I sit and think about Persephone. About the Maiden and the Queen. I think about how she appears to me, what I associate with her, about her life in the Underworld and what it must have been like to … Continue reading

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Paganism first hit my radar when I was in high school. A friend of mine from a roleplay forum mentioned Wicca to me and we talked about it. Christianity had never sat well with me, mostly due to a few … Continue reading

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