Build from the Ground Up

Sometimes, in order for there to be growth, there must first be fire. You must first clear the old, burn it to ash, and rebuild upon its bones.

I have spent these last four months thinking long and hard on my spirituality. To be honest, there’s nothing to say. It remains as aloof and amorphous as it has always been. But, to be frank, I’m simply tired of trying to convince others of the details of my belief, of my faith, of everything.

Spirituality is for the self, the soul, the individual; religion is community. It is the unifying practices and beliefs that unite folk and give them common ground to build upon. But I have a long history of not playing well with others.

As much as I might crave community, might long for it, my experiences show me that it’s unlikely I will ever find one that actually resonates with me in some capacity. A place I feel a fit, feel at home. Instead, I must carve my own existence out with blade, bone, and claw, apparently. Fight for it, I guess, and all that other flowery language I’m so fond of utilizing.

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One Response to Build from the Ground Up

  1. No matter what group we’re part of our spirituality remains an individual experience. Communities can only offer so much. I’m in a coven and although they are lovely and I’ve learned a lot so far, everyone’s practice is totally different. Thank the gods for that! I wouldn’t want to be the same as everyone else 🙂

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