Deer, Stag, Hart

The title of this one is a bit of a cop-out. Mostly I wanted to talk about the Stag Queen a bit as it’s been awhile since I have and needed another title for D for the PaganBlog Project. So deer is what we get. But it works.

Last winter I went through a bit of a fallow time again. The gods quieted as I began my shadow work in December but they had been simmering down for some weeks prior. After a long period of quiet, I happened to park my car in Old Town Alexandria and walk over to the restaurant for dinner with The Boyfriend. However, when I approached my car again afterwards, I had to laugh. I had managed to park on the corner of Prince and Royal and when I looked up at the street signs, I saw that the building just behind it bore a large, oxidized copper statue of a stag.

I’ve spoken some about my cryptomancy and this was one of those times that I looked up and took notice. Between that and other signs, the Stag Queen has taken on a larger role in my practice. She and He Who Waits, the Hound, that is.

My altar has changed significantly in the last few months. Before it was more of a shrine to my various deities, icons being swapped out for others as the need arose. Today is bears the antler my grandfather came across years ago and the hand-carved wooden figure of a howling canine before my two white pillar candles. I lay my worry stone in front of my Tarot deck and the two stones I picked up what at Oxford: a large chunk of rose quartz and a desert rose about the size of my fist. It functions more as my shadow work space now than a shrine, having been put together the morning of my surgery back in January. I lit the candles before we left and prayed to the gods to keep watch on me as I slept and the knives did their work. I feared dying on the table, though I was young and healthy. (Surgery has always frightened me and I’ve managed to avoid it for a long time, so I was rather frightened at the possibility of not waking up from the anesthesia.)

The Stag Queen has become quite prevalent here, though. I find myself waking to new epithets and tidbits of information. The Hound or He Who Waits is aptly titled. I have only seen him once but I can feel him in the background, patiently waiting his turn but keeping an eye on me at the same time.

Whoever these entities are, they are around for awhile and have much to teach and much to share with me.

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