Calendars Revisited

When C came around for the Pagan Blog Project last year, I wrote on the calendar I typically utilize for the year, which holidays I celebrate and why I don’t celebrate others. As 2013 continued, though, I felt a desire to celebrate more holy days or to create high days of my own. So, this year, I feel a need to revisit this topic and write on how my path has changed in the last year in that capacity.

Tuesday, after dealing with yet another hospital visit and heading into work for a short time to talk to my supervisor and work on the project I had started Monday, I ran errands. Among these included a visit to the bookstore to find a planner since having a job now I have more responsibilities. Planners are always something I preferred to my electronic calendar on my phone, though the hard copy doesn’t sync automatically from my email. Yet, anyway.

Wednesday, while waiting for my phone to charge, I began filling in the important dates I needed to remember. Doctor appointments, scheduled meetings, therapy, family birthdays, and what hours I work this first week back at work mostly. When I got to November, I made a note on Saturday the 15th to celebrate the Feast of the Jackal. For a long time now, I have wanted to develop a high day for Anubis and November 15 falls around the first time he approached me nearly fourteen years ago. It is an anniversary of sorts, a way I wish to celebrate our relationship and thank him for the time he’s spent guiding me in my life. And as I wrote in that feast day, I began to feel drawn towards creating and celebrating other holidays for my gods and the evolution of the year.

Persephone comes with dates that are easily associated with her. The equinoxes, the start of spring and the advent of autumn, mark her ascent from and descent into the Underworld. With her arrival in my path, I find myself more powerfully drawn to these days as her celebrations, especially as the spring equinox marks the anniversary of my bending the knee to the Maiden and the Queen.

In late November and early December I feel drawn to Hekate. Why I am not sure, but the chill air and bare trees make me think of this goddess. In the coming months, I plan to think more on when to celebrate her and leave offerings at her crossroads. Odin, too, has associations to this time for me, but he is also a key figure in the spring for my path.

Come April with the thunderstorms that characterize the month, Thor rules. It is easy to see him during that time as the sky clouds and the winds rise, the scent of ozone and rain heavy on the breeze. I see The Morrigan in October, not long before All Hallow, setting herself ready for the coming restless dead and the land sinking into slumber.

The Stag Queen claimed the Summer Solstice last year, stating in not so many words that the holiday belongs to her. I mirrored my calendar by marking the Winter Solstice for her as well. And, as such, I begin to finalize the days of the year which I will work to closely worship and honor my gods.

As I sat in the waiting room for my surgeon to call me in, waiting for my follow-up from surgery last week, I began noting the dates I wished to use for these high days. I marked them as Feasts, as a holiday has always had a culinary element to it, but also because a feast has always suggested to me merriment and the chaotic sensibility of a party-like atmosphere. Some of my dates ended up close to those which denote the common sabbats, but as they both involve the astronomical timing of the sun and the Earth, I find no reason to fault them nor do I claim any connection to Wiccan or neoWiccan influence and culture. Additionally, as I am making my own calendar, I could set the dates I could on weekends when I would more easily be able to celebrate properly.

    2014 Calendar

March 20: Feast of the Maiden
April 12: Feast of the Thunderer
April 30: Walpurgisnacht
May 1: Flower Fest
June 21: Feast of the Silver Stag
September 23: Feast of the Queen
October 23: Feast of the Crows
October 31: All Hallow
November 15: Feast of the Jackal
November 29: Feast of the Lanterns at the Crossroads
December 13: Feast to the Old Man
December 21: Feast of the White Queen

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