The Call of Night

I spent my day in darkness. Waking with an intense migraine and sinus pressure, I spent most of the day sleeping. Now, as night has fallen and I listen to my partner, my lover breathing deeply as he sleeps, I find myself awake and pondering questions that have no answers.

We opened the window today. It is warmer here in Virginia and though the night is cool, the fresh air is welcome in our home. I lay here resting, still recovering from the day, enjoying the feeling of a cool breeze tickling my legs where they peek out from beneath my blanket.

The night has always held something for me. Darkness frightened me as a child and it only got worse as I got older. And though the shadows still frighten me, still worry me with their hidden mysteries, I find more peace at night than the day. The cool depths of nightfall slink in through the windows, the sun falling behind trees until their winter-bare claws press it below the horizon. I watch the sky turn grey as twilight sets and darkness arrives like fog on the riverbed.

Night holds peace, holds quiet, making the tension in my jaw slowly unravel like a skein of yarn. And as my eyes stare at the inky black on the other side of the glass, I fall into my own mind, thinking on the mysteries of my experiences and on life and what it means to be alive.

I have always felt more alive at night. Though it frightened me as a child and I know better that which can hide in the darkness, I find it more welcoming as I get older, like a friend I’ve known for many years but still holds secrets they will not share. We sit in quiet, comfortable without conversing, yet sneaking glances at one another as dawn approaches and it is time for them to leave again. Slowly my eyes drift closed and night welcomes me into its embrace, its arms, and bids me sleep. Until tomorrow.

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2 Responses to The Call of Night

  1. daringescape says:

    Hey, possibly a kindred spirit???

    I too am a night owl. Pleased to have you around.


  2. Very beautfully written

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