I’m an hour and a half late, but January 13 marked the one year anniversary of this blog and its first post. Originally entitled The Crow and the Hound, I wanted to focus on writing where I was at in my path and how I had evolved from my old blog. Now, at the dawn of 2014, I find myself readjusting once again and reaiming my focus to a more internal, rather than external, path.

I will share some of those exploits over time but most of the posts this year will, likely, revolve around evaluating what is important to me in my spirituality, rather than being informative posts. That is not to say that there won’t still be some informational postings, but, rather, that the focus of this blog will, again, be on my personal spirituality and path. That is, in essence, why I renamed this blog from one of symbols to one of personal significance, a place of change.

Here’s to another year of writing and ideas. May 2014 bring growth and knowledge to those who ask for it.

2013-2014 Specs

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