An Echo of Spring

Walking outside today, I forgot it was December. The air was warm and damp from a morning rain and the land around my building is still a lush green from the ivy that covers the ground on all sides and the holly trees that grow alongside the building. I took a deep breath and smelled the damp earth, feeling the tension in my jaw relax as the still-breathing landscape slipped inside my lungs. Little by little, the frost of winter cracked beneath my skin and the stagnancy that had built inside me in the last month began to break.

On my second walk of the day, I took the sweet yellow Lab that I walk to the park in Arlington. As we approached the park, I caught scent of something familiar. Oak trees, I thought, then glanced up. The leaves that clung to the trees nearest me had the scalloped sides of an oak tree and I smiled, breathing in the scent. Another crack in the frost and ice that had built, letting the river of my soul come forth.

Today, I awoke to an echo of spring with a thick fog in the trees and the scent of morning rain on the breeze. It was as if the Maiden showed her face to me once again, reminding me of what was to come. The last several weeks have been long and arduous, but the coming month will be freeing. I will be finishing my job the week of Christmas and while I am still looking for a new, better paying job to replace it, I look forward to the break between the old and the new (if one does occur).

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