Not Yet Over

The Norse gods are not done with me.

This is the thought that crossed my mind as I booked it to my second walk last Friday, already behind schedule. As I crested a small hill, two ravens stood before me on the road, taking off in flight as I came closer.

Thursday, I finally got the chance to pick up my package from the front desk after having spent the last week working and being unable to find anyone at the desk when I did get the chance to stop by. Red had sent me some rain water from Seattle as we’ve agreed to exchange rain and sea water from our respective coasts. The idea being that water from both coasts will give a little extra something to our magix. As I opened the package and read her included letter, she mentioned that the water was collected just after her girlfriend, Belle, had made offerings to Thor.

Alright, I can take a hint.

Things like this have been happening quite a lot since I wrote my post on the possibility of saying goodbye. Thursday thunderstorms in my area, pairs of ravens appearing or watching me as I drive by, and now the note from Red. Small things, little things, but enough to take notice. Enough that as I crested the hill and saw the third or fourth pair of ravens waiting for me, I shouted “Okay, I get it! We’re not done yet!”

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3 Responses to Not Yet Over

  1. Aubs Tea says:

    I actually love when that happens.

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