Project Updates

Home Shrine_8112013

Windowsill shrine for the home or a shrine to Bob, my grotesque and home guardian with amethyst cluster and flower vase.

The Boyfriend was looking at the home shrine earlier and commented on the flowers I had set there last Tuesday, how they still looked great despite being out and in the sun for nearly a week.

I’d bought the bouquet for Wep Ronpet and the main altar, but after setting four stems into each of the vases there, I still had two left. I remembered that I had the vase given to me last year for a house-warming gift from my spiritual adviser but had not gotten the chance to put flowers in it yet, so I scrubbed it clean and placed it on the windowsill in the living room beside Bob, my grotesque (gargoyle), and settled the flowers inside it. On Bob’s other side went the amethyst cluster given to me by my spiritual adviser this summer after she found out about my depression and anxiety getting so bad. (At the time, I was looking for somewhere to put the cluster and the home shrine seemed like a great idea – until someone reminded me that amethyst can bleach in the sun! D’oh! So I need to find a new place to put the cluster which has actually given me ideas for a new altar that I’ll talk about in the future, once things work out, I hope.)

Fae Folk Shrine_8112013

The fae shrine with its faery door, honey/sugar/salt offering, and wooden offering bowl. Dried leaves and a drying flower from the main bouquet.

In the bedroom, I have set up a fae shrine on the windowsill there, too. I placed my faery door that I got a few years ago against the wall and lay the small wooden bowl I use for offerings before it with the offering glass of honey, sugar, and salt. As I was setting up the main altar for the Kemetic New Year last week, the flowers needed some trimming of leaves to better fit in the vases; one stem dropped an entire flower head, too. I was working at the window, trimming the stems there with my working knife, and placing the fallen leaves and flower on the windowsill as I worked. They sat in front of the fae shrine and when I finished up the main altar, I turned to figure out what to do with the leaves. I disliked the idea of throwing them all away so I began to arrange them in front of the fae shrine as a mat and some slight decoration there. Once they have finished drying in the sun, I may grind them to dust and put them into a small vial to keep on the shrine.



Ages ago, I made a set of prayer bead to The Morrigan as a sort-of thank you for her saving me a couple of years ago. Made with red wooden beads (in groups of nine), white bone beads that she claimed after Persephone’s set were finished, and three black lava rocks. Once I have the space for a small shrine to her as well, they will be located there.

The apartment seems to be opening up a lot in the last few weeks. Normally, I have only had the main shrine in the bedroom to work with, but as I regain comfort (and my own sanity), I am finding new shrines forming throughout the space and my fingers itching to complete new projects. For now, though, here are the ones that I have completed. The others will come, in time.

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  1. Aubs Tea says:

    Your windowsills are huge.

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