Netjer: First Thoughts

Since Kemeticism first popped back up on my radar, there have been a number of gods who caught my attention in one way or another. Sometimes, it was because a friend worked with them;sometimes something about them struck me in a certain way during my reading and research. Regardless, over the last nine months, I have had various Kemetic deities catch my eye.

For the last thirteen years, I have worked predominantly with Anubis (Anpu or Anup is his Kemetic name). Not many other Kemetic deities caught my attention since that point, though I do admit to having a fondness for Osiris – which was partly why I wrote a paper on Anubis vs Osiris in my Ancient Egyptian Art History class. Have I felt Osiris call to me? Not in the same manner that I have other gods. His is more a quiet “I am here if you want to approach me” comment that I hear from time to time and I wonder if and when I should go to him. Yet, he is not demanding a relationship, simply there working with others and doing as he needs to do in his domain.

Thoth or Djehuty has caught my attention in a number of ways. There was awhile months ago, when I was first looking for signs that Kemeticism was worth pursuing for me, when ibises were everywhere – and not just online. (I may have reacted abruptly when I was out to lunch with The Boyfriend and came across a tea called “Ibis Moon,” both of which are symbols associated with the god.) And yet, like Osiris, I do not yet feel drawn to working with him. Though, now that I have said that, I will likely be getting a strong nudge. Things always work that way, it seems.

Among the gods of Kemet is Geb, the god of the earth. I have mentioned before feeling drawn to him somewhat, but I do not know enough about him to warrant pursuing a relationship. It would require much more research, on my part, to learn how to honor him and work with him properly. But, as a nature worshiper, I find it unsurprising that I am drawn to such a deity.

We don’t need to talk about Set. He has already made his presence known, as I described in my previous post. Though, actually, Set’s appearance yesterday struck me sideways. I had not really expected him to come around, since so many others work with him, but I have not felt his presence very much since then – not even in a background sensation.

This made me think some and I wonder if the gods of Kemet will slowly make themselves known to me in smaller ways as I work through this year of Kemeticism. It is the first time that I have set out on one specific path, so it is possible though I have never had this experience before. I suppose it will be time to wait and see.

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3 Responses to Netjer: First Thoughts

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    Sometimes making the decision to take someone(s) seriously will have the effect of making them appear to be everywhere in our lives. Sometimes this stays and oh, look, you’ve found a spiritual happy place! Sometimes it fades and you are still richer for the experience. Enjoy your year 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m looking forward to seeing who else might show up.
      This is a good way to think on it, though. Taking someone seriously is a large commitment of trust, I think, so it would make sense that they would pop up more often. We’ll see how the year goes, though.

      • ladyimbrium says:

        I’ll keep an eye on it. I’m also curious because I’m just beginning a devotional year myself. Should be an eye-opener. I’ve been through one before and it was kind of intense.

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