Intercalary Days 2013

Sometimes, shit just doesn’t work out.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been waffling on celebrating the Intercalary Days 2013, the five days “outside the year” before Wep Ronpet. For my area, Wep Ronpet begins August 7, the day that Sopdet (Sirius) rises before the sun. That means that August 2-6 are the birthdays of Nut’s five children, born outside the Kemetic calendar. About a week ago, I finally settled on celebrating the five days this year as a sort of lead-in to Wep Ronpet and my year of Kemeticism.

Someone, though, had other plans.

Over the last few days – the birthdays of Wesir, Heru-Wer, and Set – I have been unable, for one reason or another, to get home with my offerings to celebrate their birthdays. On Friday, Wesir’s day, I was held up by a lunch with my boss, then running around doing all the errands I had needed that time for, then coming home and setting up dinner. By the time we had finished eating and I had packed away the leftovers and headed to the bathroom to go shower, it was past 9PM and I had not gotten the offerings at the grocery store like I had meant to earlier. Saturday, I spent the evening with Ange and many of her friends, celebrating her birthday (and a few others) up in Maryland. I don’t regret that; I had a great time. And Sunday? The store closed before I could make it out there, again, in part, due to a large amount of work I got from my boss the night before.

So something seems to have decided that, when I say “I will start my year of Kemeticism on Wep Ronpet…”


They’re holding me to it.

So I have to wait until Wednesday. But, I think, if things work out, I will pick up a cupcake and thank the Netjer for holding me to my word instead of doing what I think is expected of me.

Bound to be an interesting year.

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