Keeping Promises

I wrote on oaths a few days ago, but I wanted to talk about promises today, specifically those we make to ourselves.

Over the years, I have made plenty of plans to study more in-depth about different topics. Made plans to study more or work on a project harder. And, more often than not, I end up pushing it aside or not keeping that promise I made. Not sticking to that plan. I can feel myself beginning to do it again these days, in the case of my exercise plans and study of Kemeticism.

Though I am still pursuing both (planning on going down to the gym to check out their equipment tomorrow and I have been, albeit slowly, reading through Jeremy Naydler’s Temple of the Cosmos), I’m not sticking to it as I’d like to.

This happens often and, I think, to most people. But something I need to learn, something I have to learn, is pursuing my desires to better myself. I must learn to keep these promises to myself, as they are just as important as those I make to my gods. And I think, often, people forget this.

The promises we make to ourselves are important, for we should always hold ourselves responsible for our own wants and needs. Finding motivation in ourselves is part of what drives us. Oaths are not the same as promises in this regard: for an oath, you are usually making it to another person or entity. We can make an oath to a deity and are expected to uphold it. But making a promise, those are more easily broken. Why is that? Truly, I don’t know. Perhaps it is because a promise does not have the same weight as “oath” does, to many. We often hear of broken promises in nonchalant tones whereas the breaking of an oath is regarded as serious business. Personally, I’d like to change that, at least in my own life. I’d like to regard my promises to myself with a little more weight and hold myself to them more earnestly.

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