First Steps into the Desert

On February 6, 2013, as I lit the candles and incense for my daily devotionals, I changed things up a little. I asked my gods for three signs regarding Kemeticism, about whether or not Kemeticism was a path I should look more into, about whether I should pursue my interest in it or set it aside for the time being. And I left it up to my gods to send me those signs.

About a week after asking the question, I got the first sign. May 1, 2013 I came across the second signs after sending up a prayer to Anubis to guide me safely home. I had been walking alone, at night, just outside downtown and was feeling a little uneasy. Almost immediately after sending my prayer, I looked up and saw the second signs.

After the first two signs appeared, I began to get antsy. I wanted to know whether or not a third sign would appear, what it would be. For a time, I itched to pull out my Tarot cards and posit the question to the gods through the cards, to see if they came through in that manner. But I decided to wait instead of press the issue. I had left the question up to the gods and it was for them to answer.

Luckily, I didn’t have much longer to wait. Three weeks later, on May 22, I was sitting in the car with The Boyfriend and his parents, driving to drop his sister off to practice for her concert that night. It was my birthday and it had been a long day. Since his parents were in town, their visit took precedence over my birthday. (This is, sadly, a recurring thing from year to year, my birthday playing second or third fiddle to other people and their needs and desires.) Regardless, I was looking out my window when I came across the third sign. This was confirmed later that day when I was exploring a university bookstore and came across two very specific books on Ancient Egyptian religion.

Since then, it’s as if there has been a Kemetic explosion in my life. I’ve stumbled across signs and symbols for various Kemetic practices and deities (most notably Djehuty or Thoth). Movies I’ve gone to see that have no reference to Egypt in the trailer are suddenly all about Kemetic belief and history. A book I was reading had Anubis pop up at the end, without any segue.

And so I have begun this journey into Kemeticism, with the nudges of my gods and the hints and amusements of other Kemetic deities. I’ve begun to sense, very slightly, like the gentlest brush of a feather, the presence of another Kemetic deity. It is a new feeling, this sense of desert winds, but one that I have begun to grow accustomed to.

As I begin this path, I have started slowly collecting new altar pieces, ones that better suit a Kemetic shrine than my catch-all altar and shrine that I have now. Though I do not have the physical space for it just yet, I have been finding items for it with relative ease. Once I find a surface for it and I begin to set up the shrine, I will tell you more about it.

I have decided, though, that it may be best (for me) to have a shrine just to the Netjer, instead of having one just to Anubis for now, though I am hesitant. I would like to have an Anubis shrine, one just for him since he is my Patron and the one that I follow most prominently. But, I imagine it will all come together in time.

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