Prayer Beads to Persephone

Today is Tuesday, the day of the week I associate with Persephone. Yesterday, after being out of Memorial Day with The Boyfriend, he and I popped over to the bead store in downtown so I could take another look at their stock. I had just gotten some money for my birthday and I was hoping to find some additional beads to make new strands. I lucked out.

Walking in, I knew that I wanted to find something for Persephone since I have been quiet with her lately and I need to work with her more. (I’ll elaborate more in a later post, I think.) Since I’m going to be doing more shadow work with her, I knew I wanted to make a small set for her so that I could have something to hold onto during my shadow work sessions. Additionally, I might be bringing her set with me to therapy so that I have something of hers with me and it would double (I hoped) as an icon and symbol for her on my main altar since I don’t yet have an icon for her.

I also knew that I wanted to make a set for The Morrigan; however, since today is Tuesday and meant to be all about Persephone and Hekate, I’ll save her post for Saturday, the day I have set for her.

This trip went much quicker than my previous ones. Having made the set for Anubis, I had a better idea of what I was looking for and what I wanted to do with them. After checking out the loose beads area, I turned to browse the strands. Almost immediately, I spotted a set of white beads about the right size I was looking for and felt a very firm push towards getting them. Picking them up, I checked the tag: bone beads. Appropriate, considering this strand was meant for Persephone in her chthonic aspect as Queen of the Underworld.

Between the bone beads and the nine dark red beads, the same I chose for Anubis’ set, the beads were set. (I don’t know why it’s always nine pomegranate seeds to me. I always seem to run into different amounts: seven, nine, one time I read four. Regardless, the number nine has always sat with me, perhaps because I view it as a strong number. A triplet of a triplet, as it were.) After talking briefly with the sales associate, we agreed that black leather would be a good, strong material to thread the beads on and, since I was making two sets, I would only need the one length of 5 yards and it would last me for both sets and awhile after.

Today I set about making the beads. They went smoothly, the bone sliding down leather for three beads, then a red wood bead. Repeat the process. All the while, I mulled on Persephone’s most popular or common myth: her abduction by Hades and her subsequent transformation from Persephone Kore – the Spring Maiden – to Persephone Khthonia. It was a quiet yet powerful experience.


This set is intentionally shorter than the Anubis set. I originally played with the idea of doing six bone beads, then the red signifier beads, but I wanted to keep it shorter and more transportable than my Anubis set. It is definitely a set meant to be carried instead of worn. Since she is a newer goddess for me to work with and not my patron, her set is significantly smaller than his.

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