The Draw of Aesthetics

Over the years, I have had a few altars and shrines. Each time, they have been quite barren, usually consisting of deity icons, a candle, and an incense holder of some kind. Sometimes I will include an item or two to serve as a sort of decoration. Usually it’s something like a pumpkin and skulls for Samhain, but more often than not, I prefer simple and clean to cluttered and busy. No real surprise there, considering my participation in the Spiritual Essentials Challenge a few weeks ago.

Lately, though, I’ve been finding myself more drawn to the idea of aesthetics in my sacred spaces, so I’ve been doing a bit of shopping here and there. Last fall, I went on a power-shopping trip just after Halloween to take advantage of the sales on decorations, picking up bits and pieces here and there. My favorite purchase is definitely the box of box lantern lights that I snagged from Target at 75% off. More recently, though, I’ve been starting to pick up items that serve a combined religious and aesthetic purpose, the latest being a small stone pyramid that I happened across at a local Pagan shop and a vertical incense stand.

I suppose the reason for all this is that I’ve been feeling more drawn to separating Anubis from my main altar and giving him his own shrine. It could be him requesting it, or it could be that since I’ve been awaiting the third sign from my gods regarding Kemeticism, the desire for something separate for my more diverse altar has strengthened. Regardless, there’s currently not much space for it at the moment (though I think I have recently realized that there is a place for a second shrine area in the bedroom).

Altars have always been gorgeous to me, though I have preferred the simpler ones over ones covered in various items to the point where there is little surface showing. But lately I have been desiring a change, something more that just icons, a candle, and some incense. So I’ve been perusing altar pictures for inspiration and thinking up ideas for new times and looking at what I already have on hand. Still, there are a few things I’ve felt drawn to that will require some purchasing.

Pictures to come ones things are more settled. Nothing has changed yet, though I’ve the plans. Once I find a new altar space for Anubis – likely purchasing a second bookcase, or perhaps his own cabinet? – things will happen quickly, I presume.

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