Part Two in my series on Centering, Grounding, and Shielding. Centering can be found here.

From what I know and what I have read, there are two popular times one can ground: pre-ritual and post-ritual. But I think I established in the previous entry that one can center, ground, and shield whenever, so I’m not going to talk about those particular types.

Grounding is akin to taking up any excess energy you have and letting it go. It roots you, more or less, in this world and on this plane. I tend to view it as a sub-step of centering myself, but that can vary from person to person.

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of different ways that people ground. Common ones are eating food (typically bread or other baked goods in my experience) and touching the ground. In one case, a woman literally got up and ran out the door to burn off her energy that way, calling a laughing apology over one shoulder. She came back a little later to give another apology and explain herself to the people in charge.

The most common one, though, that I’ve seen is a visualization technique known as the “Tree Method.” In this method, you envision yourself sending a tendril of energy downwards and upwards: one towards the earth and one towards the sky. In return, you envision energy being sent back from the earth and the sky, coalescing in your body and mingling with your own energy.

I don’t actually like this method, but it’s the one that I do regardless. There’s another method, a variant on this one, that involves envisioning one’s self in the stars versus where they are. A friend of a friend has done this technique with some success, last I heard.

I don’t actually have a lot to say on grounding other than I do the Tree Method because that’s all I really know and I don’t particularly feel a need to ground, but I do it regardless out of habit.

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