Earth Day 2013

Monday was Earth Day and, for once, I found myself actually remembering ahead of time. Sadly though, I only remembered late afternoon on Sunday and couldn’t prepare anything ahead of time to celebrate the day. So, instead, I spent much of the day thinking on the Earth, my relationship with it, and how I view it.

As I mentioned before, I practice nature spirituality in addition to polytheism. I find divinity and spirit in the earth, in the trees and plants around me. I believe in their essence, spirit, and personal powers or abilities. As a witch who works with natural phenomena, plants, herbs, etc., it’s kind of in my jurisdiction.

On Monday, though, I found myself thinking quite hard on the deities of the earth, the sun, and the moon and similar. This is probably due to my constant search for an identification or “label” for my practice and beliefs, something that has been nagging at me quite strongly for the past few months.

In the dead of winter, I curse Apollo. Not the kind of curse that you do, but more the curse you say; swearing and the like. This is because, usually by February, it has been a long time since I last saw the sun. I demand that Apollo bring the sun back to me and break through the overcast sky to bring back the light and warmth, a hint and promise of the coming spring. Yet, as I thought on the divinity of the earth and the god(dess) that I associate with it, I found myself drawn more and more strongly to Geb, the Kemetic deity of the earth, not Gaea of the Hellenic pantheon. That would make sense, right, considering how I view the sun?

Perhaps this is due to my research into Kemeticism, a path that I have begun to feel more and more drawn to the more I learn about it (and the signs I asked the gods for seem to be clicking into place). The more I learn about it, the more the blocks of the sliding puzzle that is my beliefs begin to lock into place. Eventually, I hope they’ll make a picture that I recognize.

Earth Day this year wasn’t anything dramatic for me. I cleaned the apartment some, ran errands, and spent the rest of my day in deep contemplation. Nothing I say about the state of the earth, how to fix it, what we’re doing wrong can be said. It’s already been said, by many people, most of whom are much more intelligent and well-spoken than I am – especially lately. I merely wished to write down how my thoughts are slowly changing, again.

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