April Goals

So next month is April and I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a spiritual rut lately. Sure, I’ve been writing lots and lots here this month, but I feel like I’m mostly philosophizing things and not actually doing any research and academic reading.

And that’s my goal for next month.

I want to learn more about my gods, so I’ve decided to dig a little deeper into their histories and mythologies and start afresh. With spring here, the dawning of new growth, I’m interested in stepping out of the fallow winter and moving forward down my path.

History and mythology are very important to me, but it has been awhile since I have sat down with the primary sources and done some reading for myself. I think it’s time to do that now.

Since I’ve already worked out a weekly devotional calendar, I’m interested now in pursuing my knowledge academically, refreshing my mind and clearing out the cobwebs of disuse. Though my weekly devotional calendar will be the basis, I’ll need to do a bit of adjusting to avoid doing work on the weekends (those days are reserved for The Boyfriend and I to spend time with one another since he’s busy with work during the week and we don’t have much time together then), so The Morrigan will be paired with the Stag Queen/Horned Goddess on Fridays.

Because this is my goal for this month, there will be posts here about my research and my thoughts (and likely frustrations). That isn’t to say it will only be confined to this month; learning something takes time, and I wish to get to know them much more deeply. Though I cannot spend all day every weekday reading and researching, I will do my best to do a little work each day.

If you happen to know of research materials, let me know! I’m especially interested in a book of Egyptian mythology, preferably one for an ereader, and historical books on the Norse and Anglo-Saxons, again in ebook format.

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