Prayer to Anubis

The Opening Prayer:

Dua Anubis!

Beloved guardian and guide,

To you I pray.

Grant me peace and calm as I honor you with these words.

In your many names.

The Epithets:

The Magnificent Jackal

The Great Messenger of the Duat

The Lord of the Two Lands

He Who is in the Necropolis

The Guardian of the Duat

He Who Gives Air in the Coffin

The Lord of Abydos

The Lord of the Secret Land

The Powerful Face

The Strict Gatekeeper of the Duat

The Lord of the Knife

The Beautiful Guardian

The One Who is Secret

The Closing Prayer:

Dua Anubis!

May my words bring you honor.

Guide me, Lord of Jackals.

Bring me peace and calm.

To you I pray.

I knew when I began that I wanted a more formalized prayer to Anubis to murmur over my prayer beads. Tonight, I sat down to write this. It may change over time, but for now, this is how I wish to honor my god and thank him for all he has done for me since I was a child. (I realize it’s strange to use the Kemetic praisal word “Dua” and a Greek form of his name, but this is the name he has always come to me with. And “Hail” just seemed flat out wrong.)

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