Anubis Prayer Beads

PrayerBeads_3Today I made the prayer beads to Anubis.

I strung six small black beads on red silk thread to mark the opening and closing prayers and the three-point bead to mark the rosary design. Seven larger black beads came down the thread to meet the largest bead. Down came the golden cup to mark the red prayer bead, the one to tell my fingers when to name my god. The red bead is next, rich like wine and dark as blood, to mark the name of my god. Another golden cup to cradle it in its place.

The cycle begins again.

Thirteen times I string the seven black beads, the golden cup, the red prayer name, and a second golden cup. I murmur the names of my god as I slide them down the smooth red thread, naming him and marking it with my intention and my love.

Down goes the needle, through each of the opening and closing prayer beads, like a running stitch it goes in and out. I push it through the final bead and pull the thread tight to close the circle. It curls inward, tightening until just a touch of space lays between each bead.

I tie the threads, knotting them as I murmur of Anubis, of the Magnificent Jackal, of the Guardian and the Guide.

The thread is cut.

It is done.

PrayerBeads_1 PrayerBeads_2 PrayerBeads_4 PrayerBeads_5

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