Not Just A Coincidence

I’ve fallen out of the habit of reading Teo Bishop’s blog Bishop in the Grove. Why? I’m not sure. I’ve fallen out of the habit of reading a lot of blogs, sadly. Staring at the screen for hours on end and reading isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, and lack of sleep – good sleep – doesn’t help, either.

I’ve been awake for about a half an hour and, as part of today’s spiritual essentials challenge, I was thinking about writing on how I start my day. A few days ago, I read a blog post over at Galina Krasskova’s blog Gangleri’s Grove while looking for prayers to Frigg and Freyja to send to Red. She didn’t yet know that I was crafting a set of prayer beads for her, so I was just sending her prayers I’d found and I came across a morning one that Krasskova does.

And it started the gears turning in my brain, but I didn’t do much serious thought on it. It sat, very quietly gestating in the back of my mind, as I went about other things. But when I woke up today, it weighed heavy on me again. I thought briefly on starting my mornings with a sort of prayer once I have my Anubis set made. Remembering to do it every morning would take awhile, but eventually I’d hope it became habit. …Hopefully.

At this point, I was at the Facebook portion of my morning internet rounds, checking my feed and seeing about comments, likes, and everything that Facebook does these days. Tucked away in between a link from The Onion and a status from my cousin was a posting by the Bishop in the Grove linking today’s blog post entitled “How Do We Begin?,” asking his readers how they began each day.

Synchronicity is a funny thing.

It happened a lot last summer as The Boyfriend and I were driving back and forth between Chicago and Virginia. We listened through the archives of Faith, Fern, and Compass on the way there and on the way back, among other podcasts. Now, Alison Leigh Lilly is from Pittsburgh, at least before moving with her husband and co-host Jeff Lilly across the country to Seattle, where they live now. Sometimes, when they mentioned Pittsburgh during our trip, The Boyfriend and I would be in the area, either fifteen or so minutes ahead or fifteen or so minutes behind. It got to be a thing and I would chuckle. One day, I decided to write to Alison and Jeff to thank them for their podcast and I included the story about Pittsburgh. She found it as amusing as I did and after reading my letter on an episode, she asked if I was anywhere near Pittsburgh.

And as luck would have it, I was.

I mentioned in my Divination post that I believe the gods are always speaking to us. I truly believe that, and that’s part of the reason that I practice cryptomancy, to help decipher the clearer messages from what has become noise. So as I was reading through Teo’s post today, I kept thinking about how coincidental it was that this should be posted just as I myself am wondering similar questions.

And then I stopped.

And I realized that coincidence has nothing to do with it. If it all comes from the gods’ chatter, then it’s all the message. If I truly believe that, I should keep that in mind the next time I think about coincidences.

Is everything a message from the gods? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes, it might just be coincidence, but if we pay more attention, maybe it’ll start to develop a pattern, one we can remember in the future when we reach out in a time of need and think the gods ignore us.

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3 Responses to Not Just A Coincidence

  1. Zenith says:

    I struggle with this too. Every time a coincidence (?) happens, I ask myself if it’s really a coincidence or if the gods are trying to tell me something. But like you said, patterns are how I figure it out.

    • I read somewhere that one should ask the gods to give signs in certain numbers so that the individual in question can get the message more clearly. I’ve asked mine to give me signs in threes, personally, though I might ask for sevens and nines, too. I try to explain to them that I’m only human and sometimes I need a little help. *shrug*

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