On Prayers and Prayer Beads

Rosaries and prayer beads have always fascinated me. This is likely due to the fact that I’m the granddaughter of a jeweler and silversmith, so all jewelry is appealing to me. (It’s just something I grew up with and so it’s something I love and enjoy.) When I came across prayer beads at the beginning of my Pagan studies in earnest, the idea settled into my mind and refused to be evicted: I knew that, one day, I would need a set of my own.

Lately I’ve been thinking on them more earnestly, the phantom feel of a hand-strung set of prayer beads running through my fingers. I’ve had many sets of beads and necklaces over the years, but none suit my desire for a set of prayer beads.

Tonight I began to do more research into prayer beads: how to make them, different types, and the types of beads I’d like to use. My first set will be for Anubis, a thank you and devotional work for my patron. I’ve been chatting with people online about the colors and possible stones I might use, but I think it’ll likely be up to Anubis to help me decide. I associate black and red with him most strongly, so that will probably end up being the colors I go with.

But reading on prayer beads, I realize I’ve got a mild problem: what prayers do I murmur while I work on the set? There’s a few longer prayers that I’ve found to him, but nothing that really strikes my interest. I want a shorter prayer, only a few lines. Perhaps I should just murmur my intent over it and concentrate on that during the creation process.

Though I am still faced with the problem of deciding a prayer. The entire point of prayer beads is to use them in one’s prayers, but I have none to recite, none that appeal to me anyway, and I can’t find many prayers to him online.

So I’ll likely have to write one.

But…just how does one write a prayer?

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5 Responses to On Prayers and Prayer Beads

  1. Zenith says:

    I once tried making prayer beads for Him too and I failed miserably for the same reasons. I like the feel of formal prayer but I don’t necessarily think the ones I write myself are any good, or “worth” it.

  2. althara says:

    I have a set for Bast… Instead of reciting a full-on prayer for each one, I recite Her epithets. Might be an idea for Anubis, too?

    • Yep! I talked with Eddie after posting this and he mentioned that, too. Anubis has plenty to choose from, too. I wrote some thoughts on the prayer for him in the next entry here, actually. 🙂

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