Beginning the Prayer to Anubis

I got lucky tonight.

After writing my last post, I saw that Eddie was on Skype and shot him a message asking if he could chat. I was in a rough mental spot, the culmination of my confusion on prayer and needed some help, some advice. Luckily, he was online and willing to help me out.

Now, I basically consider Eddie a prayer expert, though he tells me he’s still learning about crafting them. Still, he’s much more knowledgeable than I am about prayer and I breathed a hard sigh of relief when I saw he was online and willing to talk and help me out.

We chatted for a bit (and are, at the time of writing this, still chatting) and he told me that he had a few different types of prayers he did at different times. The shorter type he described, a litany, appealed to what I’ve been aiming for with the prayer for my prayer beads. He also described a set of prayers: opening prayer, recitation of the names of the gods, and closing prayer. Something clicked into place and the gears began to turn for me.

Since the set I’m aiming to start tomorrow is for one god specifically, I knew I wanted to amend it a bit and use epithets instead. Enter the glorious resource that is Per-Sabu, which I’ve mentioned a couple times before. I don’t know how I survived life before learning of this website, but I now have it and I am never letting go. (Seriously, if this site ever goes down, I am going to lay in the corner and wonder how to live again.)

On the site, under Anubis’ section, is a list of epithets gathered by Bezenwepwy, the author of the site. When I first started thinking of what to say over my prayer beads, I had a notion of reciting Anubis’s various epithets.





There are over a hundred there, I think. Anubis, I love you, but it’s hard enough for me to remember to drink water every day and eat breakfast. Reciting 100 different epithets is just not going to happen.

So now I’m reading through the list of epithets and picking out ones that appeal to me based on my experiences with him, how I see him, and how I work with him. List below:

  • He Who Gives Air in the Coffin (funny considering my earlier post about winds)
  • The Strict Gatekeeper of the Duat
  • The Great Messenger of the Duat
  • The Guardian of the Duat
  • The Lord of Abydos (I don’t entirely know why Abydos appeals to me, but it has for awhile. Honestly, I think Stargate is to blame.)
  • The Lord of the Two Lands
  • He Who is in the Necropolis
  • The Lord of the Necropolis
  • The Lord of the Secret Land
  • The Magnificent Jackal
  • The Powerful Face
  • The Lord of the Knife
  • The Beautiful Guardian
  • The One Who is Secret

Some of these are similar enough that I may end up combining them. There are other epithets associated with him too, ones that don’t necessarily have a historical context, that I want to include as well.

Now just to muse on an opening and closing prayer. Luckily Eddie mentions his as being similar to one another so I can write one prayer with opening and closing variants.

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