Tarot cards, bibliomancy, rune casting, ogham, cryptomancy, and dozens if not hundreds of other types of techniques throughout the ages have been believed to connect humanity with something Other to learn truth, wisdom, and knowledge the prepare for the events to come. Not always the future, but the present and the past are often questioned when asking the Universe for details on Life.

Divination is something that kind of fell into my lap. I’ve practiced cryptomancy in one form or another for much of my life; I think most people have, but there’s more on that in another entry. Regardless, I’m of the opinion that the majority of us engage in some divinatory practices even if we don’t do it consciously. It’s just something that grows out of habit, a desire to know more about our lives and the Universe we exist in.

There are some conflicting views on what exactly we engage when performing divination. In my own thoughts, and I suppose in my own practice, I believe that the gods, the Divine, and the Universe is always speaking to us. I liken it to when I watch a horror movie: I yell and scream and shout advice to the characters inside, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll hear me. And, sometimes, they’ll do what I advise. While I’m a “mere mortal,” as the phrase goes, that doesn’t mean it works the same way for the gods. I’m of the opinion that they are in that seat in the theatre giving advice and shouting against my actions while I basically dither about, more or less. Sometimes, though, if I reach out, I can hear them and use their advice to better my outcome.

Does that mean that every god is always speaking to us? No, I don’t think so. But I do think that the gods happen to glance in every once and awhile and shout down “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” to steer us from certain dangers. While performing divination, you can capture their attention a little better, a little more easily.

But I also don’t think it’s always the gods giving the answers to our questions. Spirits, too, have answers to what we seek, be they land spirits or ancestors or something in between. The gods have much to do, I think; they aren’t always able to answer us, even if they want to, and even so it’s up to their discretion.

I’ve mentioned before, either here or elsewhere, that when I do bibliomancy I’m asking the book for the answer. Well…that’s not entirely true. When I perform divination, be it bibliomancy or Tarot (though not cryptomancy as that’s more of an impromptu event), I speak the question to the tool I’m using: the book, the cards, the pendulum, whatever. However, I view that tool as exactly that: a tool for connecting me to the gods, the Other, the spirits, or whatever might give me the answers I seek. I am speaking to both the tool and the Other, god or spirit, in that moment. In my mind, it works similarly to the Oracles in Ancient Greece, like in Delphi. The querent would come and request answers to their situation from the Oracle. It wasn’t necessarily the Oracle giving the answers, but the god they spoke for. The Oracle would receive the divine message, give the answer, and the priests would interpret it. In a method like Tarot, the cards act as the Oracle and I act as the priests, reading the message in the cards and telling the querent the general message the gods or spirits had to give.

All that said, divination isn’t always accurate – at least, not for the question you’re asking at the time. Sometimes the message will relate to something else you need to know, something the gods or spirits deem worthy of your attention. And sometimes something will be trying to mess with you, trying to throw you off your path. Perhaps those times are a test, something to challenge you for the next step you must take.

These are just my thoughts on the matter, musings I’ve mulled over for many years, and the way I tend to view things.

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