The Guardian

I was driving back down from Milwaukee one day when something appeared in the corner of my eye. I turned to glance at what it was I had seen beside the car and started.

A tall woman was running beside the car, hair long and blond, flowing behind her as she powered down the road, keeping even with my window. She wore a simple white sundress that fell just above her knees, fluttering as the wind blew past her.

From what I remember, she ran alongside my car for awhile. I focused on the road but I could still see her out of the corner of my eye for a bit. Eventually, she was gone.

I saw her a few more times after that. She would carry a large sword with her, a bastard sword that she could wield one-handed.

Awhile later, I did a meditation. Meditation is always hard for me because it’s difficult for me to concentrate on one thing at a time. My mind is always bouncing. I did manage to get a grip on this one, though, and I managed to delve into my “inner landscape.” As I explored, I found myself crossing a bridge over a river and into a Land of Always Winter. The woman I had seen running alongside my car was there, her sword placed point-down in front of her, watching me. She still wore the white sundress and went barefoot, in spite of the thick snowfall all around her. I asked her if there was anything I needed to know or if she could tell me more about her. She simply told me “Not ready.”

I’d come across her a few times between that first time and seeing her in the Land of Always Winter. She never spoke much; in fact, I do believe I’ve only ever gotten three words from her: “Not ready” and her name, Madeliene. She appears from time to time and I have gotten confirmation that she is my Guardian, though from what I do not know.

Fast-forwarding to a few months ago, I was browsing through forest photos on tumblr when I came across one that greatly shocked me. It was a bridge I recognized, over a still-flowing stream. Thick snowfall lay on the other side among the trees but not on the bridge. It was the same scene I had come across in the Land of Always Winter, barring the presence of Madeliene. I immediately realized she was telling me I was ready.

But for what, I didn’t know.

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