The Goal of Spirituality

Thinking about my spirituality, I wonder what it means to live a spiritual life. These days, I live in the mundane world, the practical world, and I wonder what it means to expand past the physical realm and nurture the soul. This project, this sense of living with the bare bones of my physical practice, is for me to answer that question.

What does it mean to live spiritually?

Whenever I think of someone leading a spiritual life, I think of the Wanderer archetype. The individual who lives a nomadic life, by choice, in order to pursue and seek out the wonder in the world.

I entirely blame my aunt for this.

You see, my aunt is a very spiritual person. She is also a nomad, by choice, living all over the world and exploring it as broadly as she call. As of writing this, she has backpacked through Africa, explored some of South America, backpacked Europe, and visited India twice for extended stays. Last fall, she volunteered with different humanitarian projects in Nepal helping young women and girls. She’s worked jobs everywhere from apple picker in Canada to executive assistant in Hollywood. I admire my aunt a lot, when it comes to her relationship with the world and her spirituality.

Unfortunately, her spirituality has come to dictate her entire life. She no longer has much of a connection to the physical world, in the sense that she is without most modern conveniences. Growing up, there were many occasions I overheard her ask my parents for money for medical or dental bills, to help purchase tickets to various places, and the fights that came between her and my mother over her lifestyle; they are, after all sisters, so that’s to be expected.

Looking at my aunt’s life, I see that I want to emulate some of her experiences. I want to lead a spiritual life that captures me wholeheartedly and that I find enrapturing.

But I do not want to suffer the same problems she has had. I do not want to beg and barter for money, suffer toothaches due to lack of dental care, and run the risk of ostracizing those who mean the most to me.

I want to have a balance between my spirituality and my mundane life.

And that, I think, is the main goal for these next few weeks, to begin to find that balance between the spiritual and the mundane without one superseding the other.

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3 Responses to The Goal of Spirituality

  1. Aubs Tea says:

    I often have similar thoughts. According to other together people, you can balance them but I honestly haven’t figured out how.

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