My Essentials

Today, as I got my various chores done and went about my day, I started thinking about what are the essentials to my religious practice for the first day of the Spiritual Essentials challenge. I want to get it down to the bare minimum for the next thirty days, so I was thinking about what physical item(s) I would truly need if I were to pack a bag and leave to travel the world (as my heart truly desires).

Thinking about it in those terms, I realized the answer was: not much. Candles and incense I can buy anywhere, even though they are the main staples when it comes to me giving offerings to my gods and engaging in my practice – whatever that is. And, in truth, this is the majority of what I have: candles and incense. I think that, additionally, I would want my ereader as I can use it to read and research my path further. My path is very academic, thought-based, and research-based, so being without books would be difficult. Normally, I would say “books” in general, but with my ereader I can carry an entire library with less weight and space than it takes for a standard paperback.

And to think, I used to hate ereaders.

I think, though, I could go without religious books and books of myth and folktales, if I really had to or wanted to. There comes a time where you have to step away from the books, I think, and Act – not just sit and think, but engage the body and spirit as well as the mind.

Anything else I brought would have to be a small, simple shrine to my patron god Anubis. If I were traveling, I think it would be best to bring something with to honor him since he is the Patron god of travelers. Likely, this would end up being a pendant on a leather thong, to avoid broken chains and thus the lose of my pendant, and so I could wear it as I slept without much pressure on my throat and neck. I’d like to have a small box (like an altoid tin) where I could hang it and offer prayers, but overall, this is unnecessary, I think.

So, in the end, the only thing I need is a symbolic pendant of my patron Anubis. While I adore, work with, and worship the other gods, it is always Anubis that I come back to and to whom I will always have a connection.

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One Response to My Essentials

  1. Aubs Tea says:

    The only things I need are my religious jewelry, too.

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