Preview of Coming Attractions

Since I have a terrible memory and I want to keep things in order, here’s a list of different non-Pagan Blog Project topics that I’m planning to write on in the coming weeks. It’s short, but there will be more. This is mostly to help me start mulling over my ideas.

  1. My relationship with Odin and how I’ve worked with him.
  2. How I got started with cursework and my experiences doing it.
  3. Running a Pagan student group: pros and cons; what to avoid; how I survived and how you can, too.
  4. My Guardian, Madeliene.
  5. How to Survive English Literature as a Pagan series.
  6. How I work with folklore and mythology from a religious and/or spiritual perspective. [Though this is something I’ll touch on in at least one Pagan Blog Project post, it’s very key to who I am as a person and as a Pagan.] (to be postponed until I can figure out my thoughts a little better on it)
  7. Possible reposts of things from my old blog. [If you read the old blog and there was a post you were interested in seeing or reading again, let me know.]
  8. Deity collecting: how I fell into it, my thoughts on whether it’s productive, and how I feel it relates to being a polytheist and Pagan.
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