After a few weeks away, I have plans to return to this blog. It is, after all, an important project to me and a good record to maintain regularly. Having been sick with bronchitis for a few weeks (I refused to go to the doctor, so healing was slower than normal), thus making staring at a computer screen for long lengths of time impossible (headaches, eye strain, the whole shebang) that meant that writing here was also impossible. But, now that I am 99% healed and haven’t relapsed (praise the gods), I’ll be coming back to The Crow and the Hound. My apologies for being away and my thanks for sticking with me these past few weeks of silence.

Being away for so long, though, means that many of the posts or topics I had planned for writing here are either dwindled or no longer that valid for writing. That being said, I’m interested in whether there is anything you, my readers, would like me to write about. If you have a question or a request for a post, let me know, preferably in a comment below. I still have a couple of ideas, and I’ve both D posts for the Pagan Blog Project to write up, but I’m always interested in learning and hearing what others are interested in, too.

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2 Responses to Excuses

  1. Aubs Tea says:

    Can you write more about your work with Odin?

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