A Week of Devotion

For awhile now, I have wondered how best to work with my deities, the gods and goddesses that I have “picked up” over the years. Doing daily devotional work, giving daily offerings of breath, flame, and smoke has helped but I have been wondering what more I can do.

Awhile ago, I came across an individual who did week-by-week calendars of their religious/spiritual work. As of now, I cannot recall who it was, but this person “assigned” a day to each of their deities, days they would pay extra attention and Work to them. I’d been interested in this practice then, and today I was reminded of this tactic.

Thinking on it, I already have two deities who have a day of the week associated with them: Wednesdays for Odin and Thursdays for Thor. This is easy. But when I turned to the rest of my personal pantheon, I paused. What days of the week would the others find worked for them?

Anubis seemed to want Saturdays. The Morrigan, she too wanted this day as did Hekate. So immediately I began to run into a snarl. While it feels to fit, I would prefer having a single day for each deity – at least for now. Anubis I will work with Mondays, due to its association with the moon and his lunar connections. Hekate I will move to Tuesdays and The Morrigan can keep Saturday. At least, for now.

After that, I thought to the Horned One, whoever they may be (Artemis or some other lass that’s yet to name herself). Whoever she is, she seemed to find Friday appealing, so she gets her own day.

For now, I think, this will work. Sundays will have a function for the Folk and my personal spirits and guides – it only makes sense to honor them as well.

This will begin, I think, next week. This will give me time to prepare and also recover from whatever illness I’ve developed the last few days. Hopefully soon I will be able to find the items I’d like to use to honor them each.

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