I See Trees of Green, Red Roses Too

This was originally posted on January 23, 2013 to my divination experiment blog Not in the Cards which has since been shut down. All future divination experiments will be posted here at The Crow and the Hound.

After the success of last week’s experiment, I thought today would be cake.

Today was not cake.

It took a long time for me to find an appropriate method of divination for the questions I had this week. You see, many of the divination techniques used throughout time are best for neutral questions or “Yes/No” questions. But humans are more complicated than that. We want answers to questions more specific.

Now, when I originally planned doing this method, I had a much better setup in mind. I ended up freaking out to a friend of mine because I was so frustrated, mainly because I didn’t want to have to hold my camera (read: iPhone) while I did the divination experiment, but I wanted to include videos because it would make it easier to see how everything went down. Finally, it was just time to make a decision.

I ended up holding my phone, so that’s why they might be a little…bouncy. *sigh*

Today I ended up experimenting with colormancy, or divination with colors. Well, there were a variety of ways to do this but the one I decided to do was actually combining colormancy with the many methods that involve dripping something into water.

Here’s my setup.


Each glass is filled with distilled water and labeled (with dry erase marker) with the querent’s name. I also associated one distinct color with each reading based on what the querent was asking. While doing the actual divination, I decided that I would record each for one minute and then take another look after all three were done; I would then add a drop or two of the other colors and see if there were any additional messages.

Sadly, the quality of the videos is, well…annoying.

With that in mind, here we go.


Question: What results will she see on her path?

Reading Video

The first drop looks to form a rabbit’s head at 13 seconds in. At 18 seconds, I see a bear and then at 23 you can see the shape of a horse that looks as if it’s falling through the air, rump first.

Glittery Witch

Question: What is in store for her in 2013?

Reading Video

I’m not going to lie: that first drop looked like a dinosaur. That’s why I go “Huh.” at the beginning. The second droplet looks vaguely like a violin with a twisted neck and the third becomes a very large turtle.


Question: How can he find love?

Reading Video

I always have trouble reading for Environmint. I don’t know why. Regardless, the first image I saw was a phallus – that’s why I chuckle in the video. The next image looked like a horse, though much thicker-bodied than the one I saw in Shelby-Melissa’s reading. Perhaps a pony? Reminded me of some of the ponies from The Hobbit movie. The third droplet didn’t seem to show much – I think it was more due to the red food coloring than anything else. It was pretty hard to get some of the images here.

Below are some of the additional photos I took with the opposing colors in hopes of getting more clear images.

This looks like someone diving or swimming, a person contorted but not in pain (to me, anyway)This looks like a person still, but in a more painful pose.

Looks like a small monkey to meIt looks vaguely like a hand (right) reaching for something.

Looks like flowers coming from the ground, perhaps daffodils.More flowers, but this looks more like calla lillies?

Overall, this was difficult. I think if I did it again in the future, I would attempt to use a thicker consistency of food coloring or some other type of method all together.

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2 Responses to I See Trees of Green, Red Roses Too

  1. I can see where it was a challenging method, but kudos for creativity. I love it.

    • Thank you! It was quite challenging, but recording the process helped a whole lot because I could go back and rewind over and over again to see how things changed, developed, and became new things over time.

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