At the Crossroads

[The events of this post took place Monday, November 19, 2012.]

I met Odin at a crossroads tonight. It was dark and the air was cool as I walked down the sidewalk to my meeting at the Pagan community center. He was standing in the middle of the walk, staring down the path at me.

He was tall, thin, and had a long white beard. I could not see his eyes for he wore a brimmed hat; a dark coat and khaki pants clad his body and he carried a bag slung over one shoulder. As I approached, I slowed my pace, unsure how to proceed. We were still many yards apart and I was running late. He watched me as I walked, for I could feel his eyes upon me though I could not see them. He stood there, just before the crossroads, right in the middle of my path.

He stood and he stared as I made my way forward. When I got within a dozen feet or so, he turned and made left, up the walkway to a house nearby. He did not speak; nor did I.

I made my way down the sidewalk and passed the front path that he had turned down. He was standing there and as I passed him, he turned and walked slowly toward the front door of the house.

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4 Responses to At the Crossroads

  1. Shine says:

    Fascinating experience, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure I ran into Odin as well about three or four years back.

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