“Hire Me” Spell

On Monday, my friend Red asked me to do a spell for her in regards to a job she had just applied to. Since I had the materials on hand for the spell I was thinking of, I agreed. Also because not being able to find a job is nerve-wracking, being in that situation myself. Anyway, I asked her if she would mine me writing this up to share on my blog and she agreed, so here’s the spell I did.

Materials I Used

  • Two slips of paper
  • Green Sharpie pen
  • Blue duct tape
  • Small bottle
  • Honey
  • Water

The Process

I pulled out a piece of paper and folded it about a half inch down and then tore it off the main piece. I then folded that in half exactly and tore it in half. This means that both slips of paper are from the greater whole and are, more or less, equal. Since I’m dealing with a relationship here, that’s what I wanted.

Once I had my slips of paper, I wrote Red’s full name on it in the green Sharpie pen. As she’s married, I included both her married name and her maiden name to make doubly-fucking-sure as to who was involved in the spell. Originally I asked her who did the hiring at the library she applied to, but as she didn’t know, I wrote down the name of the library she was applying to in the same pen. I chose green since this is a monetary issue, being that she’s looking for a job, and that’s what I associate with money since I’m an American and that’s the color of ours.

Once I had the two completed slips, I put them facing each other and folded them together three times. This creates a binding effect and as they’re facing each other, it should theoretically work in that the two sides should have to come together in some way. Once they were folded, I bound them together again in the blue duct tape. I associate blue with ~communication~ and it’s what I had on hand. Since I’m submerging it in a liquid, I didn’t want the ink to run. Duct tape’s good that way.

One I had my little packet, I snipped off any of the excess and got out one of my little bottles. I poured a touch of honey in the bottom, submerged the packet, and added a little more honey on top. Honey’s expensive here, so I didn’t want to fill the entire thing with it just to throw it out later. That’s just too much waste for me.

After that the rest is easy. I filled the jar most of the rest of the way with water and put the cap on it. The water was so I could shake it to stir up the spell again since honey doesn’t really shake well on its own. Once it was filled and closed, I shook it for awhile, muttering what I wanted it to do and keeping my goal in mind. I then put it on the windowsill near my altar to take in the sunlight and so there’s no way the spell can’t “get out” of my apartment. The window’s right there.

So that’s the spell. It took about five minutes in all to do, maybe a little longer. Most people should have these kinds of things on hand, so if you want to give it a try, feel free. I plan for this to be a three-day thing. Today is the foundation, tomorrow I’ll shake it again and voice my intent, and I’ll do the same on Sunday.


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