What’s In a Name?

I told a friend of mine that I was shutting down my original blog. At first, she was quite upset as she knew how important my blog was to me. Once I informed her that I was pursuing a new blog, attempting to evolve, in a physical manner, past what my old blog had become, she understood. But she seemed curious as to why I chose to name my blog “The Crow and the Hound.” And I’ll admit, it does seem a bit odd.

Not the least because it sounds like a medieval-esque tavern one might find in sword-and-sorcery fantasy novels.

For a long time, I’ve felt a connection of sorts to crows. Many of the deities I work with have associations to them, and I regard them as messengers of sorts, typically of change. Indeed, when I moved to Virginia, I found flocks of them outside my window every day. Though that seems typical of the area, it was something new to me. Crows and ravens were rare sights back home.

Hounds, and indeed canines of any type, have been in my life since I was born. My earliest photos are actually of me as a small baby laying on a bed with my mother’s gigantic Rottweiler who is doing everything in her power to keep me from rolling off the bed. They are protectors, guardians, and they hold a special, sacred place in my heart. And, as with the crow, they too are associated with many of my gods.

Those gods are figures in my life that I have collected over time. Or, more accurately, they have collected me over time. I will talk about them now and then, but today is not that day.

Today I speak of other things.

To sum up, crows and hounds are special, sacred animals and symbols both in my life and on my Path. I hold them in high regard and wanted to honor them in some way. I also hope they will help guide me through my time here and bring me luck in my journey along this Path.

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